2021 Performance Review

Thank you to everyone who read my blog this year. Your support means a lot to me.

And I know just how many of you have read this year!:

5,725 Total Views
2,245 Visitors
105 WordPress followers

And here are some updates and view counts of this year’s posts!

Dating, But Its On The Internet – 186 views
This one grinds my gears a bit because it’s the only featured image that has me looking “sexy” — and therefore got 74 likes on Instagram (second-highest on my entire page) and the reason why it has a lot of views. However, it is a good post because it’s relatable. It also contains my infamous dating score sheet which I still use to this day. Some newer scores include: 47, 53, 40, 60, 65, 56, 76
And no, I still haven’t gotten better at dating.

It’s My 6 Year Anniversary – 163 views
Like I said, still single. I think this one has a lot of views because y’all are nosy. But, I’m glad it got a lot of views because I hope it helps someone realize they are in an abusive relationship — because not all abuse is physical.

A Statistical Analysis of Dates I’ve Been On – 126 views
Ah, yes, when I made my infamous dating spreadsheet. I’ve now gone on 24 first dates since September 2018 (6 since this post). The average height and attractiveness haven’t changed (interesting), the average dating score has gone up from 52 to 55. And almost all new first dates since this post were at a bar because putting in effort with men is too much.
I’ve also added new data points, such as the number of days between the first date and the breakup, which are as follows (data starting 8/2020): 51, 50, 9, 13, 4, 4, 1, 51, 32, 1 — so, for the most part, it’s either over very quickly or lasts 50 days which means the guy I’m seeing right now has about 15 days left.

Mom, Dad, I’m Bi – 101 views
Someone recently asked, verbatim, “so what’s up with the bi thing?” and while he meant no disrespect, it was the most confusing question ever.

Quarter-Life Crisis – 96 views
Think this one has a lot of views because y’all are nosy yet again.

It’s Because You Be On That Phone – 96 views
This is another one that has the views it has due to the picture being “sexy” — this is the number one liked photo on my Instagram at 84 likes.
Like, this isn’t even that good of a post. Stop looking at my tits.

There’s No Such Thing As A Friendly Ghost – 90 views
When this was originally posted it only got 31 views in the first month. In September when I sent this blog post to a guy who had attempted to ghost me (and I told everyone about it), it got 38 more views.
It also has 15 likes, which is the second most likes for a post.

Illegal Dumping is a Misdemeanor and You Will Be Prosecuted – 87 views
I hope y’all learned a little something from this one.

Why Can’t We Be Friends? – 80 views
This one had a bit of controversy. But I will say this was half based on my PERSONAL experience with men not respecting my friendship, and half based on a literal research paper. I know men and women can be strictly platonic friends, I just think it’s rare.

Snapshots – 77 views
This is one of my favorite posts, I even used it as a writing sample for a job application recently (though removed some of them for brevity).

People Are Strange; When You’re a Stranger – 77 views
I realized something about myself while talking about this topic recently. I have been struggling with some social anxiety, but it’s only with people that I have to continuously see in person. During quarantine, I shared some wild things about myself to my old coworkers over google chat and Discord, because I frankly did not think I would ever see them in person ever again (or at least for a long time). That’s the same reason that I love talking to strangers at bars, because I don’t have to see them ever again. I only have social anxiety when I want to see someone again, so if I’m anxious around you, that’s a good thing.

Home Alone – 74 views
Two fish roommates died, and one plant is on its last limbs. But I am still talking to myself a lot, especially now being unemployed. At least now I have a Lego set.

Take Me to Church – 73 views
I’m still going to church every Sunday unless I’m out of town. The rats got blessed back in October and met some new people there. I often cry in church.

Hi, How Are Ya? – 63 views
The person that had asked me how I was doing in this post reached out to me after and told me that I could have said what was on my mind. I told him I had wanted to, I just didn’t know what to say.

You’re Insecure, Don’t Know What For – 62 views
I will repeat this until the end of time: no one fucking cares

Absolutely Zero Chill – 61 views
My anxiety around my perfectionism has only gotten worse, along with the guilt of mostly doing nothing about it these days.

Everybody’s Got Their Vices – 60 views
I picked up vaping again last summer, and when I lost my job I didn’t have the healthy enough mindset to quit again. But I don’t blame myself for the extra vices I’ve picked up recently. We all need a little escapism.

Snapshots Pt.2 – 55 views
This one was kind of funny but not my best work.

Does That Make me [Boy] Crazy? – 53 views
I put a lot of effort into this one (reading nearly my entire first diary) and y’all barely gave it a chance. It’s funny! It’s insightful! It even has a picture of me in high school! Shame on y’all.

I’m Dark Chocolatey Bitter About Valentine’s Day – 52 views
Again, it’s funny! It’s insightful! And lots of effort and looking back on my Valentine’s day trauma for y’all to snub me with a mere 52 views. Pft.

A Letter to 13 Year Old Andria – 50 views
This one was mildly depressing and mostly for me so I won’t blame you on this one.

Hi My Name Is Andria and I’m a Compulsive List-Maker – 49 views
Weirdly, this is the post with the most amount of likes (18) and yet not very many views. I am still a compulsive list-maker though, tons of to-do lists that get lost and so I have to make more to-do lists, and on and on forever.

How To: Make a Decision – 46 views
Now I’m really pissed about this one because it’s so good but maybe some of you haven’t watched this show and didn’t get the nuance. If you haven’t read this one yet I highly recommend it!

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month Pt.2 – 45 views
This one is fairly personal too so I see why it didn’t get too many views (but still 14 likes). But, it’s interesting and relatable if you’ve ever struggled with mental health.

It’s OK to Just Exist – 42 views
This one is brand new so I can understand why it doesn’t have a lot of views. Give it a read if you haven’t already.

Snapshots Pt.3 – 41 views
This one’s okay.

What Does Happy Look Like? – 40 views
I’m a little surprised this doesn’t have more views. Maybe you all know the secret to happiness and it’s just me who doesn’t?

Oh, Rats! – 34 views
Y’all are just racist against rats, I get it. The rats have been fighting a lot lately and Beans has gotten much fatter than Frank, but they have become such momma’s boys!

Great Expectations – 30 views
This one has a great featured image by my friend Jason Correia so I’m sad it did not get many views. But it’s a good read going into 2022- lower your expectations.

2 Fast 2 Furious 2 Burnt-Out – 29 views
This one has such a funny title, I’m surprised it doesn’t have more views. And it’s a super relatable and on-topic topic.

People, Let Me Tell you ’bout My Best Friend – 29 views
Why do you hate my teddy bear so much? He is here at my apartment with me, of course, and he is in bed most nights unless he’s been throw to the ground so visitors don’t judge me, and so Bubba doesn’t judge them.

Short Stories:

These are extracurricular reading and are not required, but thank you for all the views anyways!

The Seven People You Meet At A Party – 70 views
First Kiss – 59 views

If you have enjoyed any of these posts this year, please tell me (in the comments below, on Instagram, on Facebook, or directly to my face), or give it a share to your own platform, or tell your friends! I also have business cards if you want to hand them out for me, just ask!

Also, my WordPress subscription and domain are up for renewal ($68), so if you’ve really loved my work this year, feel free to send a dollar or two to help pay for next year- Venmo: Andria-Grant

Thank you again for a great year!

2 thoughts on “2021 Performance Review”

  1. Congrats on some awesome metrics, and it’s a great time to take stock of what we’ve done this year, as well as lay out the blogging goals for 2022. Wishing you all the best with your blogging pursuits!


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