It’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Featured Image: A beautiful sunny day at the top of a mountain. I felt really good that day.

Please be aware of my mental health. I did not have it together this week so this is what you’re getting for a post:

Because I love turning qualitative data into quantitative data, I started writing down how I’m feeling everyday, as well as how it correlates to the weather, because that seems to have a huge influence on how I feel. I can wake up in the morning, and before looking outside, know what the weather is like just based on how I feel. I’ve read it is because the body can sense barometric pressure.

This week, the depression-weather correlation was smaller due to social circumstances. The column after weather is “Notes”, which has what I was so upset/happy about.

Here is the key:

Due to weather and upcoming social interactions, I estimate that the next three days I will be green -> blue -> purple. Feel free to try to make those days pink for me.

So I guess on top of being a compulsive list-maker, I am also a compulsive data-aggregator.

…so what else should I track?

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